Darling! I’d LOVE a spot of tea…..

Darling!  I just wrote an entire blog entry on my newfound love of English tv that is now spilling over into my drinking habits.  It was a beautiful blog on the wonder that is Downton Abby with their period dress, tea time, scandals, snide comments and proper English.

I then wrote about how I REwatched Downton Abbey (seasons 1 & 2) and loved them even more the second time around.

Now I am watching Absolutely Fabulous and loving this modern BBC series.  My inner self identifies a bit too much with the main character Edina which I am still not sure is a good thing or not.

THEN I talked about my newfound desire to drink tea, which I think is stemming from these 2 shows.  And how, Darling, I SO wish I had a proper teacup & saucer.  So I am going to head to the Goodwill Shoppe tomorrow to see if there is a secondhand one I can give new life to.

Then, I decided to post the picture that is below and for some reason, it deleted EVERYTHING I wrote about.  So I apologize that you get this synopsis version of what was, truly, a remarkable post.  Darling.



Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time, a young couple moved from NJ to Arkansas with their 2 year old little boy.  When they got to Arkansas they purchased their first home.  It was an exciting time.  About 4 months after moving into their home, a dog owned by friends of their’s had puppies and the little boy picked out a puppy and adopted her.

She was a brown German Short Haired Pointer.  Some call her color liver.  The young family decided to call her Daisy Dog but filled out her papers as Ganseblumchen der Hund which translates to Daisy The Dog in German.  Short hair pointer’s are hunting dogs.  The Dad had great hopes of taking the dog on hunts and being a great bird dog.  Some mistake pointers for labs as their size and coloring are very similar.

Time went on and Daisy grew and the family realized that she wasn’t really the “great bird dog” the Dad had hoped for.  Oh no.  She was, as some may say, in the nicest possible way, mind you, stupid.  Daisy was a simple minded dog but as sweet as dogs can be.  She was gentle and loving even though whenever she step foot out of the house she lost her mind and went into such excitement she would defecate almost immediately.  When people came over, she again lost her mind and would run around in a tizzy unable to know who was talking to her or what they were saying.  As long as she kept her routine, Daisy was a quiet dog who loved her “babies” which were random stuffed animals that she adopted and took care of.  Never did she tear them up or hurt them.

Like all dogs, Daisy got into mischief over the years.  She loved knocking over the trash can and eating everything in it.  When she learned that the cereal was stored on a lower shelf, she would eat cereal all day.  As the small boy grew, Daisy found that his room was a plethora of treats as he, like most boys do, didn’t bring his dishes or leftover food to the kitchen as timely as he should.

Daisy loved popcorn.  She would hear the family rip the outer cellophane and open the microwave and come running, her nail click-clicking on the hardwood floors.  She could catch popcorn mid air and would do it over and over, almost drooling she loved it so much.

Time went on and eventualy the family realized that Daisy couldn’t hear them as well as she used to.  She didn’t come running when they came home anymore (click click clicking on the hardwood) and she didn’t hear the preparation of her popcorn (or anything else) anymore either.  It didn’t stop her lovable nature or her taking care of her babies.  The family just had to get her attention and then Daisy reacted as she always had.

About 14 years after bringing Daisy home, she was still an active dog although deaf.  She still got excited when her routine was interuppted.  But she was excitable as ever.  Other things slowly changed: Daisy didn’t like to go outside for extended periods of time anymore.  She would just go out, do her business then bark incessantly to be brought back in the house.  If the family didn’t bring her in immediately it was a constant bark (the neighbors must have been so pleased.)  Daisy would follow the Mom throughout the house when she was home.  She couldn’t go from her bed to the bathroom (about 6 feet away) without Daisy following her.

Daisy remained sweet and lovable even when she started to have old age problems: accidents in the house, not eating as much as regularly as she always had (but popcorn and “found” items were always eaten)

One day, she was more sluggish than normal but otherwise seemed in good spirits.  The family went out for a day outing on a Saturday only to come home to a house disaster.  Daisy had had accidents all over the living room.  This writer will spare you the details but the Mom noticed lots of blood.  She knew Daisy needed to go to the veterinarian and decided to take her on Monday.

Sunday, Daisy still had the runs.  The young boy, who was now almost 16, went to stay at his friends house overnight.  Daisy acted very tired and thirsty.  The Mom couldn’t keep her water bowl filled.  By Sunday night, Daisy wanted to go out back and not come inside at all.  After the house disaster the day before the Mom decided that was OK.  Daisy stayed outside with a huge water bowl that the Mom kept filling up for her.  She never barked at all.

Monday morning, Mom went outside to check on Daisy but couldn’t find her.  After searching, she found her under a bush in the back yard.  Her eyes were droopy and hurting, no longer filled with excitement at seeing her family.  Daisy did stand up and follow her Mom to the house but Daisy just restlessly staggered throughout the house, her nails click clicking on the hardwood floor.  She wasn’t walking good and was bumping into walls and falling down some too.

The Mom got Daisy into the car by picking her up.  Daisy just laid lethargically on the front seat with her head hanging over the edge.  The Mom knew something bad was wrong.  This is the dog who was uncontrollable in the car and got yelled at almost non stop for every ride because her out of routine excitement took over the moment the leash was clipped on and they headed towards the car.

One the way to the vet, Daisy put her head on her Moms lap and her Mom petted her and talked to her for the short ride.  By the time they pulled into the vet, Daisy was unable to walk.  She got into the front door and fell down not moving at all.  This from the dog who would have been ripping the leash out of her Moms hand any other visit, uncontrollable at the people and the other animals she wanted to go say HI to.  This visit, the Mom didn’t even bring the leash.

The nurse helped Mom carry Daisy back to the scale where it was noted Daisy had lost a significant amount of weight.  Daisy wouldn’t move at all.  After an emotional conversation with the vet and some preliminary tests, the very hard decision was made to let Daisy go.  The Mom held Daisys head and told her she loved her and thanked her for one car ride with no yelling today.  She told Daisy to go run and be happy, that those family members who had gone on before would be there to play with her.  She told Daisy to find Grandpop because he loved dogs and would take care of her and give her treats.  Daisy never met Grandpop, but the Mom wasn’t worried.  She knew he was waiting.  The vet gave Daisy a shot and Daisy’s eyes got heavy and just like she had so many times before, she fell asleep with no pretense.

And then she was gone.

It has been almost a week since that fateful day and the family is heartbroken over the absence of Daisy in their home.  There is no click clicking of nails on the hardwood…no small whines waking them up to please take her out at the crack of dawn…no one to give the leftover pizza crust to…and no one following the Mom around the house like a shadow.

The babies are still in their box by the door.  One is missing which surely the family will come across one day when a piece of furniture is moved.  Hopefully they will smile remembering the sweetest, stupidest dog to ever bless their lives.

3 of Daisy’s favorite babies. One is missing.

How we had to transport Daisy in the car=tethered onto the seatbelt so she didn’t run crazy through the car 🙂

WHERE has the time gone???

Mercy sakes! Where does time go? Where have I been? I have no real answer to that other than I have been LIVING. Big changes have occurred in my little piece of the universe over the last 2 +/- years and while I struggle with the changes I have made, ultimately, I believe that they are good ones.

Happiness is an interesting thing, is it not? Recently I stumbled upon a book, referred to in a friends blog (The Permanent Nomad) called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. With all the changes I have seen in recent months (years) I decided to investigate if I was happy.

Answer? No. While generally speaking, the things that used to bother me and make me UNhappy I have taken steps to remove but I still have not come to terms with being HAPPY everyday with my decisions and what “I” want. [Wow. Writing that down looks so selfish. Note to self: investigate that later]

I had only read one chapter of “The Happiness Project” when I felt a tingle of inspiration hit. This is what I need: to take control of my life; take control of my happiness!!

And so, I have begun. Loosely basing my Happiness Project on the book, but personalizing it to ME. I am starting with my surroundings, which, need some work… OK a LOT of work. Specifically, I need some MAJOR purging of clutter/junk/stuff-I-Am-clinging-to-for-unknown-reasons. So I started, with VERY small baby steps, so as not to overwhelm my very fragile self, to declutter. I have told myself that I have 2-3 MONTHS in which to do this, which has eased my inner self tremendously. And here, just a few days in, I have made much headway already and already feel better when I open my bedroom or bathroom closet. It makes me smile. That clutter pile in the corner of my room? Well, it is gone now and I have to say whenever I walk by it I smile inwardly at that empty space. Which leads me to wonder if I inwardly groaned every time I walked by that space before. (Probably)

I have made a short list of “rules” that I am trying to follow every day. There are only 4 right now, but I expect that the list will grow as I go. I am also keeping a notebook of observations I am learning about myself through the decluttering process. For instance: I am addicted to totes. I also am addicted to free hotel shampoo/conditioners and travel size toiletries. I wrote it down so I will remember and perhaps make better choices in the future about said items when I am confronted with them.

I will share observations here as I journey. I hope that it interests you or at least makes you laugh (with me not at me) Comment below on any part of this that you don’t understand or want me to expand on and I will try to accommodate. In the meantime, think happy thoughts as you wander the Earth. It is good for the soul.

Happy Wandering….


Lose It!

So, I shared with Cyber-Land yesterday how I am trying to eat healthy for my body and read healthy for my mind/soul.  Well, today, I had to go into work at 1:00pm.  We were CRA-ZY busy and by the time 5:00pm hit, I was dragging it.  Whew!  Apparently the snow does NOT keep everyone home.  (Are they NUTS?!)  Anyhoo, I was also STARVING!!  After eating when ever I wanted over the weekend, my tummy was a-rumbling.  I sooooo wanted to hit Zaxby’s on the way home.

What?  You don’t know what Zaxby’s is?  My poor, fast food uneducated friend: Zaxbys is the BOMB-DIGGITY!  They have chicken: chicken wings, chicken strips, chicken salads, chicken sandwiches… They have the most amazing crinkle cut french fries EVER and they put this season-all-type seasoning on the fries.  Oh my GOODNESS!!!!  I am addicted to the chicken strip meal which comes with chicken strips, french fries and Texas toast.  YUMMY!  I usually get ranch dipping sauce and I swear, the combination is pure heaven.  I have a working theory that they put crack/cocaine in the breading or the fry seasoning or both.  I am sure that Zaxby’s can take at least half the credit for my weight gain over the last year.

Anyhoo, I LOVE IT!!!

So anyway, after work, I SOOOO wanted to go drive thru and get me some of the Zaxby’s goodness, especially since I have not had it in 3.5 weeks!!  (gasp!)  But I resisted.  I did!  I went home and made a homemade chicken quesadilla with grilled chicken instead.  Not quite the same, but very large for the calories it contained (477 for a WHOLE quesadilla!)  And it filled me up.  According to my wicked cool iPhone app: Lose It! I still can eat 383 more calories today, but I am gonna decline.  I was thinking of having a lite peach yogurt, but it is already 9pm and I don’t like to eat this late.

So there you have it!  Today’s success story!!  I am proud of me!  I may get this healthy eating thing down at long last…. especially since I have detoxed the Zaxby’s…..

Happy Wandering!

Healthy Living….

WOW!  I am SLACKING on the blogging.  Shame on me.  We have another snow day here in Arkansas today and this time, it is WELL deserved!  I awoke to 2″ of snow that was not predicted and it literally snowed big, fat flakes ALL DAY long!!  At 5:30 when I was out, there was about 7″.  The snow has stopped as of right now, but another wave of it will come through overnight, about midnight, and go through the morning. 

Apparently I am now a weathergirl! 

My work was closed today and I have mixed feelings about it.  We have been told that a financial institution cannot be closed more than 3 days in a row, however, we were closed this weekend and today.  Now this concerns me because tomorrow will be WAY worse than today was.  The original plan this morning was a 2 hour delay and I was 1/2 way in before I got the call that we were closing for the day.  I feel like we should have just gone in, even for just a few hours, so that we wouldn’t have to worry about tomorrow.  Well, time will tell…

On to HAPPIER things: It has been about 3 weeks now that I have been eating HEALTHY!  Yay me!  I have only “cheated” twice and it was for two meals.  One was french fries at Chilis and the other was Friday when I had some MUCH DESERVED cheese dip and a margarita after work.  Other than that, I’m healthy all the way.  Even today, snowed in, I have stuck to it!!!  I am way excited about, too.  Almost an empowering feeling now.  I am not so stupid to think that I will not slip up again, but I am trying to limit it to one meal a week.  I figure if I drop about 30 pounds, I will be right back where I was when I lost almost a 100 pounds 5 years ago.  I am not doing the same diet.  That one was WAY too strict, but this time, I am just trying to be sensible.  I was super excited today to learn that 31 Frito Chili Cheese chips are 160 calories.  I have been craving them, so I adjusted my eating all day so I could have them with dinner.  GOODNESS they were good!!!  But that is more fat than I have eaten in a while, so I may regret it later, but at least I didn’t go over in calories!!! 

Another healthy for the soul thing I am keeping up with: I am reading the Bible in a year.  Now, I have tried this before but I always slacked off.  But now it is February 8, and I have been at it for over one month!  I started on January 1.  I chose the Max Lucado Grace for the Moment One Year Bible and I really am enjoying it.  I am really going to try to get it done this year!!!

What are you doing for you that involves healthy living?  Watching your foods?  Something for your soul?  Share with me!

Happy wandering!!!

Fictional Crush(es)

Ah, my friends, you *are* in luck today!  As I am “snowed” in (Arkansas standards=2″) I am bored out of my mind.  Since I have already eaten 2 bowls of white rice (made in my FAB rice cooker!) I will now pen yet ANOTHER blog for your reading pleasure, as I am sure that you are as bored as I am!

As I have mentioned in the past, I am a ferocious reader.  Even more so, I read on Amazon’s Kindle.  I adore it and insist that you go look at it and watch the videos about how it works.

OK, so, now, back on topic.  I read a lot and in my boredom, I have been contimplating the fictional “crushes” that I have developed.  Quite disturbing (ok- and yes, a bit sad)

Crush #1: One of my first fictional crushes, from Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books: Ranger.  Ah, Ranger.  The quiet, fierce, mysterious, hunka-hunka burning love.  I realize that Stephanie could probably never make a “real” relationship with him work…what with the fact that he is an unlawful bounty hunter-type and all…but when he shows up and hits her with “Babe.”  I melt a little inside.  And book #7?  OH YEAH!  Best Stephanie book by far!  I highly recommend this series.  Especially if you have a fondness for New Jersey, as I have. 

Crush#2: When I stumbled on the fact that the HBO series “True Blood” is based on a series of books, by an Arkansan author, no less…I jumped on that!  The Sookie Stackhouse series is the FIRST books I read on my Kindle and will always hold a special place in my heart.  Now, as far as my fictional crush, you must read at least to book #4 to understand.  And if you watch the series, you have no idea, but I *love* Eric!  Oh Eric the viking vampire with his long, blonde locks and body of steel.  How his commanding presence demands attention from a room.  And oh, how the shower scene in book #4 is highlighted in my Kindle for quick reference…wait.  What did I just say??  Ignore that….

Crush #3: Thanks to my Cyber-BFF Love4BRATS, I found the JD Robb “In Death” series.  JD Robb is also known as Nora Roberts.  Yup.  Same person.  Anyhoo, in the In Death series, we are introduced to Eve Dallas, who is a remarkable heroine with her bad ass cop self and tortured past….yet what I admire most about her is her uber rich, gazillionaire, ultra hunky Irish hubby: Roarke.  Roarke who is as handsome as he is rich- also with his bad boy turned good background.  His love for Eve is unmistakable and the lovemaking between these two married lovebirds gives hope to all wives everywhere: steamy!!! 

<sigh> How sad is it that on my cabin fever days, I think about fictional men?  Sadness, I know! 

If you have a fictional crush, I would love to know who it is.  Perhaps I will need to pick up a new book to see if I need to expand my list!!!  Maybe you agree with me on mine, then please let me know!  The best thing that you can do for me is to assure me that I am not alone in my fictional crushes.  (Please?)

Snow Day….

What a fun, do nothing kind of day!  I awoke to sleeting and a forecast of more as the day wore on.  I immediately started calling my works weather line, even though it wasn’t due to be updated for 30 minutes.  Hey I could hope, right??  Well, it wasn’t updated….and it never did update until 30 minutes LATE!  Luckily, I sat in my PJ’s doing nothing in hope that there was no way we would be open.  I don’t know what I would have done if we were…

I was correct and got the word that we were closed along with the rest of the state of Arkansas.  I immediately went back to bed for 3 hours.  Heh, heh.

The rest of the day was spent restoring my laptop back to workable condition from the factory reset I had to do to get rid of the fatal trojan/worm virus that made it’s way into it.  It was sad.  But it is kind of nice to start from scratch, you know?  My big hurdle was iTunes and getting my music to play on the “new” computer.  Ugh!  Most of my songs I bought were when iTunes still had DRM on it.  Long story short, it is 4 hours later and I have it all back to the way I love it.  The only thing that I am missing is Microsoft Money.  My sister had let me use her disk when I visited her years ago and now that she lives in WV, I am going to need to break down and buy it but GEEZ!  It is $50!!!  Ew.  I hate spending that kind of money on something like that.  I will sit on it a day or two before making a decision on what to do.

Well, the snow will be continuing all night but alas, tomorrow is Saturday.  Saturday’s I really need to get out and about to the food store.  Oh well.  We shall see how it all pans out.

Happy Snow Day wherever you are!!!